Before They Were Socialites: Part Eleven

by Chiara Atik · June 8, 2010

    This baby had quite the cosmopolitan upbringing, vacillating from London and New York.  Clearly loved Fashion since the beginning, but eventually ended up loving music even more. Who is it? Click below to find out...-


    Ok, it was really hard to write that intro without pronouns, but that toddler in the fierce 80s boots is none other than MARK RONSON!

    Ronson uploaded the pic on his twitter this morning, along with a note to his Mom, Ann Dexter-Jones:

    dear mum, this probably seemed funny to you at the time but may have scarred me in ways that can only be imagined.

    Awww, Mark, we think you turned out pretty well, actually!

    Below, another picture of Baby Mark with music producers Nile Rodgers. So cute. Wonder if the blonde little girl is one of his sisters?

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