Before They Were Socialites, Part Five

by Chiara Atik · March 30, 2010

    The caption to this photo on Facebook was "On my way to Diddy's White Party!", but this photo was taken way before she ever stepped foot in the Hamptons, or even in America. Any idea who this sweet baby in a bonnet grew up to be?







    Look at cute cute baby Devorah Rose with Paulette, her childhood nanny. Possibly the only time in her life when she's actually shied away from the camera?

    And here she is with her childhood horse, Hocus Pocus.

    Uhm...was Devorah Rose a baby in the 1800s?

    Underneath this picture, Devorah, who grew up in Venezuela, wrote: "No me acuerdo que country club era ese?", which one doesn't really need a vast knowledge of Spanish to understand.

    Devorah seems to have had a pretty idyllic life back when she went by the name of Debbie instead of her current moniker.

    Oh, and something else...

    Didn't Tinsley say dismissively in the last episode of "High Dregs of Society" that she wasn't actually friends with Devorah? I believe the exact quote was...

    "I don't know Devorah Rose very well...I don't mean to be mean about her or anything but she's not one of my friends."

    Well, these chummy photos of Tinsley, Alex Osipow, Dabney Mercer, and Devorah seem to prove otherwise...

    You don't know her very well, Tinz? Really? Even though she's clearly pretty close with your sister?

    They took bathroom self-portraits together. That's like the NYC party-girl version of exchanging friendship bracelets.

    I don't know seems like Hocus Pocus and Paulette were probably better friends to you than the Mercer sisters...

    [All photos via Facebook]

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