Before They Were Socialites, Part Three

by Chiara Atik · March 23, 2010

    Ok, you guys are never going to guess this one. Who is the babyfaced girl on the left who doesn't look like she could hurt a fly? (Hint: She's not actually a socialite, and she's not actually blond.) -

    Kelly Cutrone described herself in her youth as "young, skinny, and pretty", and we'd have to agree. Not that she's a hag now, but let's just say years of being on the brink of a stress-induced breakdown have taken their toll.  The girl with her, by the way, is Justine Bateman of Family Ties fame.

    Take a look at this picture. Kelly looks, dare we say it, hot! Check out those pants! That smokey eye makeup! No wonder she scored Ilario Calvo.

    Kelly has long hung up her leather pants and pretty much stopped wearing makeup altogether, though she does still make time for the occasional office pedicure. She never wears statement jackets anymore, and prefers to punctuate her all-black wardrobe with statement accessories instead, like indian head dresses. Her t-shirt of choice is her "If You Have To Cry, Go Outside" promotional shirt, but that seems to be a shrewd business move on her part; the book has been steadily climbing the top-seller list since it first came out.

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