For Whom The Bell Tolls, Socialites Ring In Doom

by Stanely Stuyvesant · September 16, 2008


    [Simon Hammerstein, Amanda Hearst, Claire Bernard, Arden Wohl, and Derek Blasberg ringing the NYSE's closing bell. Photo via Cityfile]

    We've all known for a while now that socialites can be radioactive.  Very radioactive.  Look no further than Kristian Laliberte who apparently rats out his friendsEmily Brill (just read anything here),  or our very own Stephanie Wei, who apparently is higher than a kite.  But alas, no need to preach to the choir here.  And yet we continue to preach: Cityfile has done a MASTERFUL job of crackerjack sleuthing, pinpointing "Black Friday" for Lehman Brothers and the current meltdown to March 7th of this year, when a slew of socialites slunk their way up to the exchange to ring in the closing bell.  This served to officially debunk the racked claim that it was much ado about Rachel Zoe.

    This makes us wonder who the mastermind behind the "Bell Ringing Picking" is and what his/her angle could possibly be.  Are they lacking in some much needed attention from the social set?