Guest Of A Guest, Class Of 2008

by KENDRA SEAY · October 7, 2008

    The backstabbing! The Rose Bar Snubs! The Beatrice Inn Cliques! Everyone knows the New York social scene is way too similar to the good ol' days of high school. But imagine if we could transform the streets of NYC's nightlife to the hallways and study periods of the past. It turns out that surviving high school and surviving last night's party are one and the same. The backstabbing, boyfriend-stealing, cigarette smoking and gossip, gossip, gossip...some things never change. Can you match the New York social scenester to their high school yearbook photo?

    Answers below...

    1.Kristian Laliberte

    2.Tinsley Mortimer

    3.Julia Allison

    4.Peter Davis

    5.Emily Brill

    6.Olivia Palermo

    7.Liam McMullan

    8.Devorah Rose

    [Inspired by Nell Rebowe's facebook album]

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