Hudson Cornelius Heinemann Had A Way Better Easter Than You

by Mara Siegler · April 25, 2011

    While you were busy stuffing your face with generic Peeps and trying to convince your parents that you are truly on your way to becoming a functional adult, Hudson Cornelius Heinemann was hobnobbing in his bespoke suit and posing for Patrick McMullen, known for capturing New York's hottest events. We thought the socialite craze was over, but Manhattan's breeding a whole new class poised to steal the spotlight.

    When mom and dad, Michelle-Marie Heinemann and Jon Heinemann, throw a bash, they know how to do it right. From the looks of the photos, this was the Easter-themed edition of MTV's My Super Sweet 16 for the under 4 ft tall set. Bunny ears, no doubt made by the latest "It" designer were distributed, baskets were likely filled with gourmand jelly beans, and bunnies were drawn on faces in what we can only assume is La Mer-based paint. Hudson held hands with his friends Hudson and Edmond and mingled throughout the crowd, where they talked about the stock market, their Hamptons summer plans, the ongoing cooties epidemic amongst poor (ewwww) people, and ponies.

    Just another day in the life.

    [Via ChiaraAtik.Tumblr] [Image Via]