"I Wish I Knew How To Social Climb"

by SHIT LIPS · January 8, 2010

    -Devorah Rose nee Debbie Tractenberg. Overheard in the Guest of a Guest offices. Y'all are making my job so much easier. It's like I just show up to work and the hits keep falling in my lap. Thank god for speaker phone right?  Let me try and explain...

    Devorah called our offices super upset about this little reference to her from yesterday. The lady just wasted 19 whole minutes of our Sarah Mandato's time (newsletter editor and legal counsel). She went on and on and poor Sarah pretty much couldn't do anything but listen to it while she tried to continue working.  Once it hit the 15 minute mark, and Sarah couldn't bear to hear another "Everything I have I've worked so hard for" and "It is so hard being a business woman, why can't anyone understand,"  she had to put the call on speaker phone so she could carry out her newsletter duties (note: when you loyal newsletter subscribers start wondering why the f*ck the newsletter is so late, now you know why).

    ANNNNYWAY...Yeah I listened but mainly was just getting bored UNTIL I heard Debbie exclaimed (in utter exasperation) that she WISHES SHE KNEW HOW TO SOCIAL CLIMB!

    And I can't keep it in anymore. I had to share. Happy Friday.

    p.s. Devorah; in no way was Sarah M., Sarah K., or Chiara a part of the making of this post. You don' t know me and we have never met so PUHLEASE don't call back into the office to bitch at them. Or do. We have the recorder ready this time.