It's 2009, And NYC Socialite Kristian Laliberte Is Ready For Some Changes!

by Rachelle Hruska · January 9, 2009

    When you think of Kristian Laliberte, the guy that has taken the social world by storm, two things may come to mind: New York Socialite, and Gay.  Well, January's just the month to mix things up a bit, and 2009 is the year of CHANGE no?  Leave it to Kristian to be on the edge of the trend: First; word is spreading like wildfire that the guy has been focusing his attention on BOSTON, that friendly city to the north of us.  He's been writing on ASMALLWORLD's blog all about Boston Culture and Happenings, and has loads of projects going on up north.

    He will even be missing out on several NYC socialite events because, as he assures us, he is going to be spending a lot of his time working on writing projects at his house in Nahant.

    Now, as far as the second change taking place regarding his love life.  We all know Kristian is as gay as they come, but look at this photo I dug up from Ben Fink Shapiro's collection at Beatrice Inn.  Can you recognize the girl?

    [Culture Watch: Boston] [Interview With Kristian Laliberte]