Leave The Noel Sisters Alone!

by Rachelle Hruska · December 29, 2008

    No that is not Chris Crocker's Britney Spears-inspired shrill. It's me, and I really think people need to lay off these girls. As you are most likely aware at this point, the "Fabulous" Noel sisters, having danced in the social spotlight for the last several years, were thrown into the national spotlight when their father, Walter Noel, and his company Fairfield Greenwich Group (FGG) sent over 7 billion dollars to money heaven via its investment in Bernard Madoff. Making matters worse, four of the five sisters husbands worked at FGG and the family's recent success was chronicled in several glossy publications over the last few years.

    As a result, they have been ripe targets for media pot shots. Interest stories and reporting are fair game, but more recently the coverage has turned to flat out mean, coming to a head with Plant 6 Page 6's latest hearsay piece. I hate to reprint some of the elements of the piece but feel it necessary to make my point.

    1) Four of the Noel sisters dated the same guy in college - Implausible at best. With over a decade separating the girls, whoever this "guy" was would have needed to have been in multiple college campuses during this time period. Moreover, all accounts point to them being studious and continent girls who attended top schools (Harvard, Yale, Brown, and Georgetown) and married on the young side

    2) Lisina Noel wore a white mink coat - Highly dubious.  Everything seems to point to the fact that these girls know how to dress, and wearing white mink coats doesn't seem to fit into the equation.

    3) In Brazil, the Noel sisters stole many girls boyfriends - Again, highly dubious.  The Noel girls may be of Brazilian heritage, but they never lived in Brazil.  Furthermore, they don't appear as the type of girls that need to "steal" boyfriends, but fall more into the category of having to beat Cariocas away with a stick.