Leven Joins BFF Lydia At Page Six Mag

by guestofaguest · December 18, 2007

    Lydia Hearst Page Six

    [Page Six Magazine]

    Lydia Hearst Shaw started writing for Page Six Magazine awhile ago, as you may remember. We aren't sure if any of you have been keeping up with your reading of the periodical, as we have not. This is largely because we are confident that anything interesting or ridiculous will be picked up and covered by Gawker or Jezebel. We were right. Today we learn that Lydia has some serious issues with the metro-card fare hike for the monthly cards but not the single ones:

    "It's absurd that the MTA is raising the rate of the monthly MetroCard but keeping the single rate fair [SIC!] at $2, so the tourists keep their discount. As a New Yorker, I feel like I am being penalized because I ride the subway more often than not and buy the unlimited 30-day card."

    Lydia rides the subway?! This is pretty hilarious that not only does SHE expect us to believe that, but that the magazine puts this in (and continues to fail and correct her spelling errors as well). This is, of course, probably all done on purpose to gain readership...who doesn't want to read a socialite try and sound like a normal citizen?

    Levin Rambin

    [Photo from NY Mag]

    We also find out today that new bff Leven Rambin will be given her own column in the magazine. Page Six Magazine is slowly morphing into a highschool-like publication where the cool girls have all the say in what makes it in. Call them spoiled, self-absorbed, or out of touch with reality...just don't call them stupid (or ugly)...these girls know exactly what they're doing.