Michelle Trachtenberg Is A Gossip Girl

by Rachelle Hruska · March 20, 2008

    michelle and lydia [Michelle Trachtenberg and Lydia Hearst]

    Harriet the Spy, aka Michelle Trachtenberg is set to play the character on Gossip Girl that Mischa Barton was rumored to turn down. She will play an Georgina Sparks, ex-friend to socialite Serena and back to the island fresh from rehab. This is good news. Michelle will totally be able to use her real life experience as bff to socialite Lydia Hearst. She has basically been living in her own Gossip Girl reality the past couple years. Can not wait to see how she pulls it off on GG next month, when she'll give those amateurs a lesson in steps to becoming a socialite. With rehab already out of the way, I'm expecting to see some original story lines here....

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