My First Time: Paris Hilton's First NYT Appearance

by SUSANNAH LONG · June 28, 2010

    The internet is a beautiful thing. Nothing disappears. Articles live forever. We got to thinking, when did our favorite socialites and famebabies pop up on the scene? When did Paris Hilton first appear in the media? So we did some sleuthing.

    We heart the New York Times archives. Sure, Paris's teenage partygirl antics made it into blurbs here and there, but in New York circles her ascent (or possibly descent) began on June 12, 2001 in Boldface Names.

    Those were simpler times. Society Reporter James Barron titled the piece "2 Girls, 2 Fragrances," because "2 Girls, 1 Cup" (and the accompanying joke universe it created) was still six years in the future.

    Paris and Nicky as babyfriends . . .       . . . and Paris and Nicky in 2001 [photo via People]                                [photo via ElleGirl]

    Paris and Nicky Hilton are described as "the teenage darlings of the Manhattan party circuit," and the article focuses on their daytime/evening perfume launch and their doting parents. "It has a heavy topnote," says Rick Hilton of the scent, before adding "I'm the daddy. I put up the money for it."

    The girls in 2007

    Perhaps surprisingly to celeb watchers today, Nicky, not Paris, is the focus of the article. Nicky's stint at the Fashion Institute of Technology is mentioned, and there is much discussion of her Convent of the Sacred Heart graduation dress troubles. Her Robert Legere party dress was too slutty! So she borrowed one from a cousin! But it came late and when she tried it on it was too big! "Nicky was in tears!" Kathy Hilton exclaims! But Vera Wang saved the day!

    Then all was right with the world. Paris, presumably standing in the corner of the Sheraton ballroom and illegally downing mai tais while Barron interviews the other members of the Hilton clan, plots her future: the sex tape, the horror movie cameos, the canned wine, the hair extensions, the reality show, and the TOTAL ECLIPSE OF NICKY'S WARDROBE ISSUES.

    Kathy, Paris, and Nicky shopping in Beverly Hills in March of this year.

    [photo via Zimbio]