Parodies Of Themselves: Socialites In Movie

by Rachelle Hruska · August 8, 2008

    socialite movie [Paul Johnson-Calderon, Stephanie Wei, and Liam McMullan are parodies of themselves and we love it!]

    From PaperMag:

    An untitled socialite film is being shot today at the Beacon Hotel in Boston. Director Sean Glass, a Dalton alum, has cast a bevy of young boldfaced names like Liam McMullan, Byrdie Bell, Paul Johnson-Calderon ("I play a bisexual named Paul. The role was written for me."), Stephanie Wei, supermodel Lydia Hearst and Alexandra Richards. The kids are in the picture!

    I was sorry I had to miss out on this fun. Sean Glass is, no doubt, hard at work with the footage these kids just got finished producing.  Definitely no trains from Hamptons to Boston...