Paul Johnson Calderon Arrested For Breaking And Entering A Frat House

by Mara Siegler · March 21, 2011

    "High Society," the failed reality show about snobby, immature socialites complaining, fighting, and whining, didn't pan out leaving purse-snatcher Paul Johnson Calderon with time on his hands. What is an attention-hungry lad with a trust fund and penchant for thievery to do? Dedicate himself to a life of crime! The target: Bros.

    Paul and female accomplice, Jessica Lyn Dixon, were arrested in Amherst early yesterday morning after they allegedly broke into a University of Massachusetts Pi Kappa Alpha house. Smoke alarms were accidentally set off when they entered the house, causing the sprinkler system to go off, reports the The Daily Hampshire Gazette.

    Whether they wanted to steal the keg beer, take in the view of life without parental padding, or create a story so unbelievable and hilarious that the listener would think the teller was drunk and using mad libs, remains unclear. They are being charged with a felony and wanton destruction of property over $250.

    This isn't Paul's first time breaking the law. In 2009 he was caught stealing a woman's purse at the Eldridge and was later banned from Rose Bar for attempting to make off with Amanda Lee Dunn's bag. Jules Kirby has also accused him of having sticky fingers when it came to her Blackberry and he allegedly broke into and vandalized an acquaintance's apartment. But this latest caper has raised the stakes. Someone of Paul's stature wouldn't be caught dead in a frat house, at a public school no less, and here he's been caught red handed.

    Wonder if they'll let Paul wear his signature bow tie in the slammer?

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