Paul Johnson-Calderon's Five Finger Discount At The Eldridge; Recession So Bad In NYC, Socialites Reverting To Stealing

by Stanely Stuyvesant · March 20, 2009

    You know that we are deeply set in a recession when our own favorite top tier gay socialites have to start stealing to make ends meet. It seems that Paul Johnson-Calderon (Paper Magazine writer and Peter Davis' ex-beau) had a little case of the Recession Blues on Wednesday night at The Eldridge when he decided to leave with a young lady's purse (not his own).  Our tip line has been bursting at the seams all day, but we were going to give PJC the benefit of the doubt and wait to get the facts straight. Then we got some hard core proof (see security camera shot at left) and decided to post (alas, we do have a job to do) . We've gotten several tips that even BFF Jules Kirby has also been claiming that PJC stole her blackberry weeks ago.  It's a sad day in GofG land indeed.  Yes the drinks are pricey, and times are tough, (those bowties cost money you know), but socialites shouldn't be filching purses...right? A tipster writes:

    The purse snatched was that of an employee of The Eldridge (a hostess that was off duty at the time).  Calderon admitted to it at an afternoon meetup today,  but can't seem to find the purse, so he has agreed to compensate her with money (which he needed to ask his parents for).  As a result, no charges are being pressed...

    Oh where o where in the world is the Eldridge purse?  If anyone has any leads please send us an update. We are sure that the waitress would love to get her belongings back.

    I just got off the phone with The Eldrige Owner: Matt Levine who commented:

    “Although I do not want to comment on specifics, The Eldridge respects the privacy & confidentiality of our guests, we do not tolerate any kind of thief at all, the safety and protection of our guests is our # 1 concern, and we were happy to facilitate this matter, as well as future matters with our guests to the best of our ability to solve the situation."

    We want to know: Should PJC be let in again? Can we all just forgive and forget?

    [Paul Johnson Calderon]

    [Security camera shot seconds before the swipe, PJC at our holiday party looking snazzy]