Pippa Middleton Is Single! Who She Should Date Next?

by Kirby Allison · June 14, 2011

    Pippa Middleton is Englands most sought after bachelorette after recently spitting with Alex Loudon.  The proclaimed "royal hotness" has the affections of many of Europe's most eligible bachelors, but who will she choose?  We have some ideas! Match maker, matcher make me a match...

    Prince Harry

    Okay, we know this is a little far fetched. The odds of now siblings-in law getting together are pretty low but hey, we can dream. This couple would be absolutely epic, and lately since both have split with recent significant others (Harry and ex-gf Chelsy Davie have called it quits) we have more reason to hope. Not to mention they have reportedly met for tea and gotten some one-on-one face time in. Guess only time will tell if Pippa is in to redheads.


    George Percy

    This old flame has been around lately. Amid rumors of Middleton's recent split, they have been spotted in Madrid and hanging out in London. The duo was even said to be having a little dinner date retiring to Percy's flat only to emerge the next morning. Percy is the eldest son of the Duke of Northumberland and no stranger to the royal social circle. Maybe old flames do die hard?


    Andrea Casiraghi

    This 27 year old bachelor is the heir to his family's Italian oil fortune and grandson of the late Grace Kelly and Rainier III, Prince of Monaco. Casiraghi is no stranger to the royal spotlight and did we mention he is cute? No doubt he and Pippa could roll in the same social circles and probably make some really good looking babies. These two have never been linked to each other, but that should change.


    Prince Carl Philip

    This crown prince of Sweden looks like he is Orlando Bloom's long lost twin. At 31 he is the perfect age for Miss Middleton and recently broke up with his girlfriend of ten years.  Can anyone say rebound? Armed with a degree in graphic design he is more than just a pretty face.  We think he and Pippa would be perfect and she could finally have a Prince just like her sister.


    Chris Long

    He may not be royal but he sure is good looking. This 26 year old defensive end for the St. Louis Rams may get Pippa to rethink what she considers to be real football. And with a large pro-football salary, long can buy Pippa a crown if she really wants one.


    Bradley Cooper

    Why not? If at the very least they are both extremely good looking and seem to like to enjoy a good party.  Who knows, maybe Hangover 3 will take place in London...


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