Socialgays in their primes

by guestofaguest · July 20, 2007

    micah Jesse

    We're not sure what's worse, the fact that parties like this actually take place, or that Gawker (even though they poke fun at them) actually goes to take the pictures of it.  Furthermore, we find these photos plastered on Micah's facebook.  His family from Hotlanta no doubt think that he is the shit, with his birthday party at the hottest New York club "HOME", and that actually kind of puts a smile on our face ha.

    Last night was Kristian Laliberte's Paris Match party at Fredericks.  And we've decided to take back the Gawker jab...we hope to god they went and took pictures, because even though we stayed as far away from 58th street as possible, we still want a peek and aren't afraid to admit it.  The battle of the socialgays continues...