"The Hunt" Is Almost Here, Get Prepared Now For Far Hills!

by Rachelle Hruska · October 14, 2009

    [Chris Brady and friends, at last years Hunt] This Saturday marks the 89th running of the Far Hill Race Meeting, otherwise known as “The Hunt”. This Horse Race is New Jersey’s biggest event of the fall, drawing over 50,000 people, though it more aptly refers to ”the race” of those desperate and dateless men and women who will try their best at a last minute dash to secure some sort of hook-up prior to the desolate break that is the New York winter.

    Within weeks, the natural tan, perfected in Southampton will fade…replaced by either a pale Scottish hue, or a bottle job that stains your sheets.  And, thus the chances of finding that prospective filly or stallion will have certainly bolted for another 6 months.

    Chris Brady, who hails from Far Hills, described this weekend for us last year as:

    "the single greatest weekend of my year: the Far Hills Races (or the Hunt), where every sort of excessive and foolish behavior is accepted, nay encouraged; it is better than Christmas and my birthday rolled into one."


    Tickets are $50 in advance and $100 at the door. Unfortunately, you missed the deadline to buy online. However, you may pick up your discounted tickets for this weekend's festivities at the Audi Dealership on the West Side Highway, CK Bradley's (146 East 74th), or Onieals Bar (174 Grand).

    As preparation: a look at part of the invitation I recieved care of Brady's caravan this year:

    "....You must also dress appropriately. If it rains, we party harder, but with boots and a jacket. You must also dress appropriately douchey. Jay wore tweeds and smoked a pipe one year. This is encouraged. The more outrageous, pretentious and offensive the better. Think landed gentry, replete with servants and a ring for underlings to kiss, and a healthy thirst. But remember, we're going to the country and I will likely throw you in mud at some point.

    To give you an idea of how serious people take The Races, this is what my buddy Chester got to take him and his friends out and back: http://www.thepartyride.com/party-bus-queen-ida.html Another friend made the attached map for his group. This is no joke."

    We look forward to all things Far Hills this weekend!