The Real Life Gossip Girl Reality Show

by guestofaguest · March 13, 2008

    reality show [Photo via NYMag]

    So we were waiting for THIS to break for quite some time....Everyone else in social land has been talking about this "new reality TV show" for over a month now, and we were told to keep mum, but now that the news has finally broke we may as well add in our two cents. They have been filming this crowd (Kristian Laliberte, Devorah Rose, Annabel Vartanian, etc.) all over town for quite some time (the last time I saw the posse was at the Oscar Award Party at Jour et Nuit). Daniel and Derek Koch are also both set to be in the show, along with around 10 other "socials". The shows producers are currently looking for a "party house" in the Hamptons (where else) to host these fab 10.

    Our verdict: This will be the real life Gossip Girl which means we obviously can not wait. Having enterviewd both Kristian Laliberte and the Koch brothers we are getting excited to be able to watch some of our own up on screen. Those Laguna Beach losers have nothing on their style!

    [Interview With Kristian Laliberte] [Interview With Derek And Daniel Koch] [Oscar Party At Jour Et Nuit]