Zabar's Heir Has "Defined High School Partying"

by Mara Siegler · August 15, 2011

    Sasha Zabar, whose family owns landmark grocery store Zabar's, has discovered his calling... and his calling is partying.  At only 20 years old, he rakes in hundreds of thousands of dollars throwing raves for NYC's preppy private school kids.

    This isn't the set of Gossip Girl. His biggest parties have brought out upwards of 1,300 kids, earning him around $20,000 in one night, reports the New York Post. The pay scale to get in is decided by high school year. Seniors pay $15, juniors  $25, sophomores $35 and freshman, always desperate freshman, handed over the most at $45.

    The parties are nothing like what you did in high school. In fact he claims, "We created the high-school party. We defined it," and he just may have. Instead of sitting around a bonfire or stealing friends parent's vodka while they are out of town, Zabar rents a warehouse or garage, hires a DJ, provides port-a-potties, and because all of his guests are minors, he only serves water.

    What the hell kind of fun is that?  Very. As everyone who attended a high school dance knows, there are ways around this.

    Zabar, tells the  NYP:

    "Most kids are already drunk and high when the get there. People would be throwing up and comatose on the sidewalk, and I'd have to call an ambulance," Zabar said. "But we never got shut down."