Sailor Jerry Celebrates Experts In Their Craft

by guestofaguest · December 7, 2011

    Sailor Jerry Rum is all about celebrating people who are passionate about what the create, just as Norman "Sailor Jerry" Collins was. That's why they have created a series of videos featuring experts in different crafts. See below for a couple of our favorites...


    Paige Tooker Casting metal is a ancient craft but Paige Tooker has brought it straight into the 21st century. With respect for the danger of the art - playing with molten metal isn't for everyone - Tooker creates awesome pieces that will last a lifetime. She's got just the right combination of skill and attitude to make a name for herself in a field that is all about bringing other people's ideas to reality. -


    Oliver Ackermann Oliver Ackermann makes "the craziest sounds in the world by building effects pedals and smashing guitars." His company Death By Audio takes a DIY approach to exploring the full potential of their craft, every day, on their own terms; just like Norman "Sailor Jerry" Collins did.