A Respite for the Stache?

by COLLEEN KROPP · August 5, 2008

    Jason Giambi

    [Image via Washington Post]

    Harkening back to my previous ramblings regarding the Power of the Stache, it must be made known that for now, it is no longer. With the Yankees two and a half games back in the AL Wild Card Race, and Jason Giambi having been taken out of the game on Sunday night – so went the stache along with him. While a Washington Post article humorously comments that the mustache must've been "weighing him down," I'll say that maybe it was just getting too hot under that 1970s facial hair.

    Sure enough, his upper lip proved to be cooled off just enough in that Texas heat last night, as Giambi pumped out an RBI single, as well as hitting a home run to the upper deck. Now that he got that out of the way, the stache may make its glorious return in about a week's time.

    However, not all changes are ones that should be welcomed. Just when the Yanks were showing glimmers of hope, starting pitcher Joba Chamberlain had to opt out of last night's game in the fifth inning due to stiffness in his right shoulder. Honestly, the Yankees have battled through enough already – though he will miss his next start, here's hopin' for the sake of the season that Joba can make a swift return to the mound.

    [Superstition Spur Yankee Pride]