How Boxing Queen Zeina Nassar Is Literally Changing The Game

by Jewels Tauzin · March 17, 2021

    Good luck going up against a woman on a mission!

    Can you believe that up until just February of 2019 the World Boxing Association’s dress code did not allow Muslim women athletes to compete in tournaments wearing a hijab, leggings, or long-sleeves?

    Like, discrimination much? 

    Luckily, all of that changed when Zeina Nassar stepped into the ring. 

    At just 23 years old, the German born boxer of Lebanese descent has not only risen to the top of the boxing world (she's a six time champion!) but has enacted lasting social change to make the sport more inclusive. Now, thanks to her years of dedication to challenging the status quo, any woman can complete on the professional level regardless of background or religion or even pure sleeve preference!

    The ultimate inspiration for aiming high and not taking no for an answer, this girl boss is also just straight up fitness goals. In an interview with Tory Daily, Nassar dished on everything from her breakfast of champions - "definitely avocado bread" - to the song that always gets her pumped - "'Remember The Name' by Fort Minor."

    In need of some motivation to get moving? Follow the title-holding star's gym adventures on Instagram!"... stroke="none" stroke-width="1" fill="none" fill-rule="evenodd">
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