Be Prepared For An Onslaught Of The Eli Manning Tom Brady Dichotomy

by Stanely Stuyvesant · January 28, 2008

    Eli Manning

    [Eli Manning With Paris Hilton, Something You Will Never See. Source: Die Hard Sports Fan]

    We recently asked why Eli Manning always looks like he is in a stupor? The plain vanilla quarterback seems to have as much depth as a two-dimensional cardboard movie poster. You won't be finding Eli at 10ak, down in Cabo with Jessica Simpson like Tony Romo, in Soho with Gisele Bündchen like Tom Brady, or sperminating any waif models anytime soon. This Sunday Styles section had an article that began to explore Manning's personality (or lack thereof), and the Manning Brady Dichotomy:

    Moments after the victory last Sunday that put Mr. Manning’s Giants into the Super Bowl, a national television audience could see him appearing goofily forlorn as he peered into the stands, apparently in search of his fiancée, Abby McGrew, whom he met at the University of Mississippi. [NY Times]

    But alas, we cannot fault him too much since on the field he has been bringing home the bacon lately. Getting our home team into the Super Bowl is no small feat. And of course, if Manning is triumphant, Brady's off-the-field plays will no doubt come back to bite him in his fit butt. In any event, be prepared to be hit over the head with comparisons of these two ad nauseam.

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