"Everyone's Into New York"

by Stanely Stuyvesant · January 31, 2008

    I Love New YorkTell us something we didn't already know! Everyone Hearts NYC, it's the center of the universe, the only city Madonna can stand long enough to write an entire song for that is now being played in gyms across the world. It's the epicenter of fashion, nightlife, and culinary cuisines...a place where you can get anything delivered to you at the drop of a hat. Ok we'll stop being city-centric for a second, and take a step back. So, we all heart New York obviously, (we choose to live in closets for $2,500 a month), but we just didn't get the depth of people's love for our city. Apparently everyone down in Arizona is picking up New York Giants swag in anticipation of the Super Bowl. Patriots gear seemed like an obvious choice, but according to the Post, Giant's wares are flying out the door, not those of Tom Brady and company.

    "We've totally sold out of Giants stuff," said the cashier at Just Sports. "Nobody wants the Patriots stuff, everybody is into New York."

    In other news, droves of escorts are flocking to Phoenix from Las Vegas and Los Angeles, so expect a very "classy" crowd, lots of intelligent conversation....just don't expect to see Eli Manning within a 10 mile radius.