Get Tennis Lessons From Venus Williams At The US Open

by Michael Tommasiello · August 31, 2018

    OK, so it won't be the real Venus Williams but it WILL be her virtual reality version. Thanks to American Express, cardholders and tennis fans can learn from the best with the interactive American Express Super Rally at the US Open American Express Fan Experience.

    The gist of the game is simple - you enter the playing area which consists of a giant screen and a custom 3D printed tennis racket. Venus appears on the screen and explains the rules of the rally match, which if you’ve ever played video games or tennis, will be pretty straightforward. You’ll end up working up quite a sweat when you're rallying with Venus trying to hit the targets and amass as many points as possible.

    After she won her first round match on Monday, Venus popped by the experience to play with fans and get a few practice rounds in, so be on the lookout - you may actually end up playing virtual tennis with the real Venus Williams.

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    [Photos courtesy American Express/Getty]