Meet Your Rich Husband At J.P. Morgan's Grand Central Squash Tournament This Week

by Stephanie Maida · January 16, 2019

    Banker bros, squash fans, and trains to and from Connecticut - if you're currently husband shopping, J.P. Morgan's 22nd Annual Tournament of Champions is sure to be a goldmine.

    Held inside Grand Central Terminal's grandiose Vanderbilt Hall, the prepster sporting event of the year kicked off today, and will run through Thursday, January 24th, offering VIP seated tickets that reach prices upwards of $1,800, as well as free public viewing spaces.

    Sure, the world's best squash players will be battling it out inside a giant, glass-enclosed court, but we suggest keeping your eye on the audience. Trust, this is the only time you'll actually want to be inside the hell-on-earth transportation hub.

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