NYC Gyms, Changes All Around: Join Before January Ends!

by MAGGIE HUNTER · January 20, 2009

    New year, new body! January is a month for changes, a fact that is particularly evident today with the inauguration of a Brand New Presidential Administration. In the spirit of a new year, gyms and health clubs all around the city are slashing joiner's or membership fees, or waiving them completely-if you get your butt to the gym before the end of the month. In a penny pinching time, some of these fitness deals just can't be beat. Embrace change!

    1) Equinox Challenges You To Earn Your Money Back

    Equinox Fitness is offering a sneaky little deal where they will refund your initiation fee if you keep up your end of the bargain, and work out 36 times in the first 90 days of your membership. Equinox offers some great services-including personal training, and a private spa-and we're pretty excited about their dare to put your money where your mouth is.

    2) No Commitment To Join New York Health And Racquet Club

    You can join NYHRC before January 31st, and make zero commitment to paying membership fees in the months to come. This luxe health club offers over 600 weekly classes, as well as racquetball and squash courts, rock-climbing walls, as well as perks such as massage and individualized nutrition services for members.



    3) No Joiner's Fee At YMCA

    Through February 2nd, your good old YMCA will waive their Joiner's Fee when you sign up for membership. For cheap and reliable fitness, the YMCA really can't be beat. The organization has come a long way since the days of the Village People, with plenty of clean, shiny machines, free guest passes for friends and family, group classes, and a focus on kids' programs.


    4) Save 50% On Enrollment At Crunch

    If you join the gym by the end of the month, Crunch will waive a full half of your enrollment fee! In addition, you'll receive two complimentary training sessions with gym staff members. Crunch is a great place to go if you work out best in a group environment-they have a ton of great fitness classes, from dance to pilates to action sports like surfboarding and kickboxing.

    5) Free To Join At New York Sports Club

    NYSC is hopping on the January Fitness Discount train by allowing anyone to join for free online through January 31st. NYSC is a great place to work out in New York, and is specially distinguished by their 24-hour clubs, which allow you to work out at any time throuhgout the day or night. Plus, there are more than 3 dozen locations in Manhattan alone, so there's bound to be one close to your apartment.

    Bottom line? Please don't wait until February to join a gym. Ride the Obama high, embrace change, and get your ass in shape sooner rather than later.