Pole Dancing Parties Are Not For The Faint Of Heart

by Chiara Atik · May 5, 2010

    If you suffer from fear of heights, then maybe a pole dancing party at Body & Pole is not the best way to celebrate your recent divorce. Unlike the tame(ish) spins we usually see depicted in movies, the participants here shimmy their way up 10 feet in the air--higher than any strip club pole we've ever seen (on tv.)-



    The moves in these pictures seem more akin to Cirque de Soleil than Showgirls; in fact, we think these photos may have been taking during an advanced "Cirque De Pole" class, which, according to the website is "where the real pros come to play".

    If you're celebrating an imminent wedding, recent divorce, or, I don't know, Bat Mitzvah knowing kids these days, you can throw a private pole dancing party for 20 of your closest friends. Parties are about an hour long, and you can even have snacks! (Just, not too many, maybe, before you head up the pole?)

    If the idea of dancing in a pole dancing studio is horrifying, but pole dancing in general enticing, don't worry: the good folks at Body & Pole will bring the pole dancing to you!

    As long as your home has tall ceilings (if you don't own a ladder, they charge an extra $75 to bring one to you.) The party gets you 1 instructor and 1 pole for 90 minutes. And, judging by the picture below, you can choose to pole dance in anything from sexy santa outfits to not so sexy footie pajamas.

    Worried about the quality of the instruction? Don't. According to the site's testemonials:

    "Lian caters to everything I look for in a pole instructor."

    Just in case you have a really long list of qualifications you're looking for when you're researching pole dancing.

    [NYCs Ultimate Pole Dancing Competition]

    [All photos by Julian Defeche Mackler on Facebook]