Real Couple Stages Fake Wedding Proposal, Rejection At Rangers Game

by BILLY GRAY · February 15, 2010

    Which is a sadder way to spend your Valentine's Day: making a rejected, very public marriage proposal or staging a lame prank involving a rejected, very public marriage proposal? I'm going with the latter. This all went down at last night's Rangers game at Madison Square Garden. "Nick" asked "Melissa" for her hockey gloved hand in marriage. Oh yeah, he asked over the MSG jumbotron. Melissa's horrified reaction was caught on tape before she stormed out of the arena (to what was described as a chorus of boos, which sadly cannot be heard on the video):


    The too-perfect V-Day timing and the woman's Daytime Emmy-caliber acting (at best) led many to think it was all a prank. Well, they were apparently right, as the pair have been exposed as a real-life couple from Jersey staging the event for kicks.

    Kind of funny, but I think I'd rather spend my Valentine's day (and propose!) at White Castle.

    Despite fighting back tears for the spurned Nick, the Rangers went on to beat Tampa Bay 5-2.