Steve Nash And Claudio Reyna Have A "Showdown In Chinatown"

by Rachelle Hruska · June 27, 2008

    showdown in chinatown 2-Time NBA MVP Steve Nash beats 4-time World Cup Star Claudio Reyna!

    Steve Nash and Claudio Reyna with athlete star friends Steve McManaman and Robbie Fowler (Liverpool FC greats), Thierry Henry, Jason Kidd, Salomon Kalou, Baron Davis, Raja Bell, Leandro Barbosa, along with The Promotion Factory President Venanzio Ciampa played a Celebrity Soccer Match last night to raise funds for their respective charities.

    It finished 9 to 4 but it really did not matter –Showdown in Chinatown was a great show of soccer and true fan participation that New York has not seen in a very long time. Over 3,000 people gathered at Nike Field on Wednesday, June 25, to see the greats cross soccer paths.

    showdown in chinatownshowdown in chinatownshowdown in chinatown

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    As the organizer Venanzio Ciampa said,

    “Steve Nash brought soccer sunshine in New York today and its going to last a longtime.”

    The game was played to raise funds for the Steve Nash Foundation and the Claudio Reyna Foundation and some of the proceeds will help restore soccer fields in New York.

    It was an exciting game and the NBA stars showed their soccer prowess –Jason Kidd had a couple of assists and was always dangerous as right flank – Nash scored an incredible goal and had many duets with Thierry Henry who showed some improbable soccer moves and scored a couple of goals .

    Dressed in Replay throwback uniforms the athletes entered the field ready to give a great show but also for bragging rights. Reyna’s team went initially on top 2-0 with a goal by the entraining Baron Davis who also caused a penalty and innumerable laughs throughout the game.

    The game was followed by an invitation only event at the Replay store in SoHo. $20,000 was raised at the live auction for Nash and Reyna’s charities.

    showdown in chinatownshowdown in chinatownSoccer