The Best Party Houses Of The 2010 Vancouver Olympics

by Chiara Atik · February 25, 2010

    What do Olympic spectators and athletes do at night when the games are done for the day? They party. Hard. We've rounded up the best party houses of this year's games...-

    If the Olympics themselves are a celebration of camraderie and sportsmanship between nations, then the parties are a celebration of booze, food and dancing between nations.

    We asked one of our favorite Olympians (we have three) Tim Morehouse, to comment on what the parties are like, and while he was hesitant to give any juicy details (hey, what happens in the Olympic Village stays in the Olympic Village!), he did say this:

    "The Olympics are one of the greatest celebrations and parties in the world. You have thousands of athletes who’ve been focused and committed for fours years for this moment who are now done and can finally relax and enjoy the experience…Olympic parties are not to be missed!"

    Here are our picks for best Olympic Party Houses of 2010:

    Holland Heineken House

    The Holland Heineken House in Richmond looks...insane. IN. Sane. I'm pretty sure that all of Holland fits in that venue space, and obviously the entire crowd joined together for a requisite round of "We Are The Champions" before going back to Dutch House music that the entire crowd seems to know the words to. Anyway, see for yourselves:

    Molson Canadian Hockey House:

    The Molson Canadian Hockey House in downtown Vancouver features food by Wolfgang Puck, VIP Sections, and performances by Canadian celebrities like The Bare Naked Ladies. Of course the biggest claim to fame is that it's the perfect place for Canadian fans to go watch the Hockey Games, but the privilege of doing so will cost you: a VIP ticket costs $450 dollars, and a measly day pass is $99. But get this: due to a deal between Hockey House and the Canadian Olympic committee, all Canadian medallists are required to put in a command appearance within 48 hours of their win!

    Irish House

    Ireland has never, ever, ever won a Winter Olympic medal, and this record is definitely something to celebrate: line to get in Irish House has been consistently around the block for the entire Olympics. Inside, you can expect Irish food, live bands, and plenty of merriment, like "every day is Saint Patrick's Day". If they're partying that hard, no wonder the Irish athletes aren't bringing home the gold!



    Jamaican Bobsled House

    Because you KNOW you've always wanted to party like you were in Cool Runnings, the defining movie of the 1990s. This house, held at Savage Beagle in Whistler, gives you a chance to party with real, live Jamaican bobsledders, while listening to "hot reggae vibes" and enjoying "the best beer North of Kingston." John Candy not included :-(



    Club Bud

    Club Bud has stood the Olympic test of time as the best party of both the Beijing and Torino Olympics. Now it's in Vancouver, in a venue that features a 1,000 person capacity, concert stage, elevated seating, and a 2,646-square foot dance floor. Sure to be the downfall of many Olympians...