The Hunt Begins…

by guestofaguest · October 19, 2007


    This Saturday marks the 87th running of the Far Hill Race Meeting, otherwise known as "The Hunt".  This Horse Race is New Jersey's biggest event of the fall, drawing over 50,000 people, though it more aptly refers to "the race" of those desperate and dateless men and women who will try their best at a last minute dash to secure some sort of hook-up prior to the desolate break that is the New York winter.  Within weeks, the natural tan, perfected in Southampton will fade...replaced by either a pale Scottish hue, or a bottle job that stains your sheets.  And, thus the chances of finding that prospective filly or stallion will have certainly bolted for another 6 months.

    Although we have been critical of our Euro and Antipodean friends in the past, their horse racing has a certain distinguished air about it, where men and women dress in their finest duds, don impeccable hats and bags, and celebrate the "Sport of Kings" in style.  New Jersey's answer is a far cry from that scene, where a glorified tailgate takes place, and polos and loafers is the dress de jour. These folks will be fuelled with plastic cups of chardy or pinot, crash upon other tailgates, and then finally train it back to Hoboken or the UES, all the while discussing topics ranging from diving derivatives to "when is Entourage back on??" So if the lure of sweaty beasts and beating the next man in riding a filly past the finishing post is your cup of tea, The Hunt could be the perfect weekend answer. There is Horse Racing too!!