The Yankees Remember Bobby Murcer

by COLLEEN KROPP · July 14, 2008

    bobby-murcerBaseball goes beyond ERA's, batting averages, RBI's and other statistics. It inevitably bleeds into a way of life, creating families and friendships that endure for decades, even when the uniform is no longer being worn. The next time you tune into a Yankees game, you will witness a different form of Yankee Pride, embodied in that of a black armband on the uniform, commemorating Yankee great Bobby Murcer, who passed away on Saturday after a long uphill battle against cancer.

    Watching interviews with the current Yankee team members and Murcer's own contemporaries, the effect that this one man had on an organization is incredible. The interviewees commented that he was always smiling and that he just got such a kick out of hanging around the clubhouse chatting with the current Yankee team--clearly, Murcer will remembered as nothing short of being a great friend and a great player.