What's Going On With The New York Yankees?

by COLLEEN KROPP · May 14, 2008

    yankeesCould it be that they are lamenting the fact that this is their last season in the stadium before moving to the new one just yards away? Or that the new stadium will have less seating and ticket prices will be going up? Or maybe it"s because Girardi removed the ice cream machine from the locker room.

    Whatever it is, the Yanks are in a slump. After losing last night in extra innings to Tampa Bay, a measly score of 2-1, fans are starting to become disheartened as the tally in the L column exceeds the W.

    Granted, the season is still fresh and there is more than enough time to gain back the glory generally associated with this beloved New York team. Currently ranked fourth in the AL East, just being above Toronto, the team has some work to do. Given the amount of injuries they have suffered since the onset of the season, it is still admirable that they are a mere two games under .500 a quarter of the way through the season.

    Hope should not be lost. This weekend they will facing the Mets at Yankee Stadium and will hopefully regain some of their pride. The two teams will start their 3-game series Friday evening – and trust me, two New York teams facing each other is almost as exciting as the New York-Boston rivalry. The pressure is on, though – As Peter Abraham points out in his All-Yankees blog, LoHud, Steinbrenner is not a happy man, and is determined to see a turn-around in the team"s performance, whether or not this has to be accomplished "by force," as Steinbrenner told the Post.