Smartphones are obviously here to stay, and there's really not much we can do about it because they're literally a fifth limb on everyone at this point. So creating an app is a surefire way to make money. There are some pretty ridiculous and unnecessary apps around these days, like Hold the Button (where all you do is hold a button), Passion (which records you having sex and rates how good you were in bed), and of course, Tinder (you surely know what that is).

Recently, a random guy came out with an app that somehow manages to be dumber than all of those. It "reveals" what women who are all glammed up and dressed to the nines in their photos look like without makeup. It's basically the digital version of "taking your girl swimming on the first date." 

We can only assume that this single ass dude created this app in hopes that it would finally make him enough money so he can move out of his parents' basement and land some chicks. Haha, not so much, buddy. Unfortunately, guys were high-fiving about it over social media. What did we ever do to deserve this? As our rebuttal, here are some app ideas for women that need to be created.

[Photo via @tezzamb]