Whether you're cruising on the C train or waiting for your UberX to pick you up like Cinderella on her way to lose a shoe, commuting in New York can sometimes be the only thing more stressful than your impending quarter life crisis. Being the spring chickens we are, we've predictably looked to technology to solve all of our problems. There are apps to see your friends without actually having to leave your bathtub, apps to date without actually having to talk to that guy (probably named Brad) who is just sooo passionate about the riveting world of finance, and even apps that track how little you sleep.

Here, however, we have compiled a list of apps that can do more than enable your antisocial, sleep deprived behavior and instead will actually get you places - literally. Whether you're a bar hopper on a budget or just need a lift to work, this guide has the essential apps for every NYC commuter. 

[Photo via @luanna90]