It's that very special time of year again. The annual Allen & Co. conference in Sun Valley. AKA Billionaire Summer Camp. The nickname itself sounds luxurious, but when you take billionaire businessmen out of the boardroom, they really just fall apart. Sartorially speaking.

It's the most anticipated, moneyed conference of the year, and the heavy guest list of painfully white men of a certain, up-there age have hit the Idaho streets, flaunting their fleeces, branded vests, plaid button downs tucked into jeans, ill-fitting jackets, and dad-off-duty polos. Oh, and name tags. Can't forget the name tags! 

Click through for an edit of the hottest looks! 

And be sure to pay attention to honorable mentions Jose Luis Cutrale, CEO of orange juice producer Sucocitrico Cutrale (how exotic!), whose glasses are pure citrus genius, and Robert Kraft, owner of the New England Patriots (sporty!), who rocks aviators like nobody's business.

[Photos via Getty]