'Tis that special time of year again. The annual Allen & Co. conference in Sun Valley. Ah, yes, an investment bank you've never heard of, holding a conference of high up names you've never heard of, for companies you've maybe heard of, in a place you've definitely never been. Or heard of. The biggest gathering of media, business, and tech mogul billionaires in the world, a ticket to this moneyed meeting is just about the only reason most people choose to bank with Allen & Co. to begin with. 

A spread of the nation's finest business minds, all in attendance are there to network and make deals the sizes and enormity of which you and I poor plebeians could never truly grasp. And yet, they're all dressed for a hike or an afternoon bike ride. Puffer jackets and fleece vests abound, paired with Dad jeans, Jerry Seinfeld sneakers, and - dare we say it - phone belt clips? Really rolling out the red carpet there with what can only be described as the ultimate power outfit. A mix of dad-off-the-clock meets Vermont college student. No ensemble complete of course without a name tag. Because really, even rich old white men know they all look the same. Warren Buffet, Tim Cook, Jeff Bezos. Same guy, different company.

So what can we, middle class onlookers and consumer pawns in their kajillionaire game, take away? Well, money is clearly wasted on the rich. But also, why did everyone bring their wife? Is this a business conference or a couples retreat? And what is Alice & Olivia's Stacey Bendet Eisner doing there? One of these things is NOT like the other. Come on, girl's too chic.

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