Interview: Meet The Founders Of TAABS, The App That Will Turn You Into A Nightlife Guru

How many nights out begin with, “So where should we go?” and are spent searching aimlessly through pages of poorly written reviews on existing platforms such as Yelp or Foursquare, or nagging that one acquaintance who knows a promoter or two? Lifelong friends and founders Brian Helfman and Max Bosch identified this gap in how New Yorkers explored nightlife options, and thus created TAABS, a curated venue search engine dedicated to finding exactly what Manhattanites needed.

From drink selections and atmosphere to price point and amenities, TAABS’ 150+ keywords help filter and narrow down nearby options on a simplified, user-friendly interface. Helfman notes, “New Yorkers are all about efficiency. We don’t have time to scan through reviews to try and figure out what a place is all about. We know what we want; we just need a solution that lets us search for those things.

That’s what TAABS is all about – finding the best place to go on any given night as quickly as possible.” New York City nightlife is now streamlined, allowing you to select your next spot quickly and efficiently like a neighborhood local. Search combinations are endless: let’s just say you’re looking for a hookah bar with a classy crowd, great music and small plates, but with WiFi, private bathrooms, and an outdoor space for people watching… you got it. After selecting your keywords, the TAABS map displays blue pins unveiling the most accurate options based on your criteria in the area of your choice. We sat down with the masterminds themselves, Brian and Max, at their launch event at The Back Room. Click through to read more!