Networking Has Never Been Easier With This Brilliant New App!

by Guest of A Guest · August 9, 2017

    You're mingling about awkwardly in some hotel convention space. There's a sea of name-tags prominently taped onto shirts, and pockets overstuffed with business cards. You carefully scan the room for a friendly face - someone also desperate to make a meaningful connection. You find someone, but of course, they start with the ever-creative opening line, "So, what do you do?" Let's face it - professional networking can be tough.

    Luckily, such clumsy days are in the past. Looking for a new job? Interested in learning more about a certain field? Maybe you've a position to fill, need a mentor, or just want a daily dose of career inspiration? Enter Shapr, an app that is changing the way we network and actually making it fun. Consider Shapr your insanely connected new best friend. Shapr introduces you to exactly the right people for your professional goals - those who share your interests and want to help advance your career.

    Shapr has produced more than 3 million professional connections this year alone, opening up doors to new opportunities and experiences all in the swipe of a finger. They have a bulk of their users right here in New York, they've also quite the presence in LA and, for you jet setters, Paris. 

    So just how easy is swiping your way to successful connections on the app? 

    Well, it's as easy as selecting up to ten things that interest you. Tag your profile with categories of your choice, ranging from business interests to personal hobbies such as #startups or #yoga - and based off your picks, Shapr will produce a daily curated feed of 10 to 15 validated, experienced professional profiles specifically relevant to you. Now, if only HR could be so helpful. 

    Swipe left, swipe right, strike up a conversation, maybe even move things along and go for coffee! Only when both people want to meet can you message within the app - which also means no unwanted spam. No awkwardness, just cool, accomplished people sharing ideas and seeing what's out there.

    So do yourself a favor, step away from Instagram for like 5 minutes, and make moves towards the dream career you've always aspired to. You can swipe through your daily batch of curated connections on the train, waiting in line, heck, while your friend's off on a boring story. Trust us, it's the most productive way to procrastinate ever and should absolutely become a part of your daily routine.

    Get ahead and download Shapr today!

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