We're all too familiar with the supposed dos and don'ts of texting; the endless conversations you have with your girlfriends over dinner, lunch, breakfast, coffee, drinks, work and basically whenever you're not sleeping. Because obviously no one uses their phone to actually call people anymore, and instead we spend our lives obsessing over the rules of the texting game. Do you text first? How long should you wait to reply? An hour? No, obviously you shouldn't double text! Do you use an emoji? Did you use too many 'HAHAs'? Yes you did *delete delete* 'ahah' is like sooo much more chill than 'hahaha.' In the meantime you've sent 4 different versions of the crafted text to the groupchat with your friends and boom, 57 minutes later you're ready to press 'send.'

Aren't we OVER this shit already?!?! It's the 21st century and it's time to break the trending cycle that's making smart, empowered, wonderful women second guess themselves and their worth. You're so much more than the pressure you put on yourself, worrying what he might think about you or when he's going to reach out. If any of this sounds familiar, then you're ready to start a new trend. Click to see the stages of texting and why you should follow our advice - though it may not be a cure-all, if you want to talk to him then you can start a conversation.

[Photo via @styledumonde]