You're Giving Him ALL the Power!

So you're probably going a little crazy; after chewing through those newly manicured cuticles you start scrolling through your Instagram feed, then checking your email, which is followed by Facebook, then Snapchat, maybe even updating your LinkedIn, all until the anxiety ridden cycle of waiting starts again. When suddenly, *bzz bzz* your phone buzzes. Ah, you let out a sigh of relief, it's him and oh my god he's so cute and funny. Don't you just love the way he says, I mean types, 'hey how are you?' You smile and within seconds forward a screenshot to the besties. This up and down roller coaster of emotion, small highs and lots of lows, gives him all the power and sets up a dangerous dynamic that gives him the privilege to decide how infrequently he has to speak to you in order to keep you around. Cough cough, if you're hearing from him at 9 pm on a Friday, don't fool yourself. If he wanted to have dinner he would've texted you that morning, or the day before, or the week before. C'mon girl.

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