The Phone Charger That Will Have You At 100% In 20 Minutes

by Christie Grimm · March 1, 2017

    With each and every new iPhone model, the promise of longer battery life seems more and more like a scam. But still, our text happy selves can't help but dream of some philosopher's stone, elixir of life, fountain of youth fix for an eternally charged cell. 

    Alchemy aside, looks like our friends in China are closer than ever to changing your life as you know it. Tech company Meizu has just announced that their new device can charge a smartphone fully to 100% in just 20 minutes - compared to what iPhone and Samsung batteries offer, which are more in the 90 minutes to 2 hour range.

    So rest easy, knowing that one day soon, you'll likely be able to use all the apps your silly little heart wants, and all at once, with the screen at full brightness, forever!

    [Photo via @thelocals]