Staying In NYC For The Holiday? Here Are Some Things We're Thankful For In The City

by guestofaguest · November 24, 2010

    Boo hoo, stuck in the city on Thanksgiving while everyone else luxuriates in suburban bliss, sitting in front of a fireplace and probably even making a trip to Target. Whatever! We're not jealous. We have lots of things to be thankful for in the city this year...

    While you sit around a huge turkey with your family, we'll be bending over containers of Chinese food on our coffee table that doubles as a dining room, while thanking the heavens for the following:





    The tuscan beans at Gemma

    Sample Sales

    The Christmas lights at Columbus Circle

    Ruben's Empanadas

    The magazine kiosks in the subway stations

    Avocado toast at Cafe Gitane

    That one really good acapella group that sings Dion under the Washington Square Arch on weekends

    Tomato Soup from Bread

    Central Park at all times of the year whether its ice skating at Wollman or playing frisbee at Sheep's Meadow

    Amazing brunches at Northeast Kingdom and Harefield Road for under $12

    The fact that this autumn, we've barely needed coats.

    Dunkin Donuts everywhere

    The ability to look decent for $10: Sunglasses, jewelry, scarves, manicures, brow threading, 10 min massages in somewhat questionable basement establishments in China Town, and quick stops into Forever 21

    The beautiful yarn at Purl on Broome Street

    Buying Christmas cards at Kate's Paperie

    The availability of a good bagel at any time of day

    The break dancing crew that performs to Michael Jackson on the subway

    The odd ease of meeting people on the L train

    The pool table at Toad Hall and West Side Tavern. The first is almost always free and Chase Crawford frequents the later.

    The times we're well aware we look like crap, but our name is on the list so there's nothing the door girl can do but give us a dirty look

    Free food in the form of hors d'oeuvres and Whole Foods samples

    Bowling at the Gutter

    The high chance that the new musician, author, or artist you just discovered is holding an event in NY sometime with in the week

    The Casablanca at Shiller's. It taste just like a McDonald's strawberry milkshake...with booze.

    At least once a week, Gossip Girl and/or SVU will be filming on your block. You can always grab coffee from the film crew's craft service table. They'll just assume you're a producer.

    The man who walks his black cat on a leash and dresses him in festive sweaters.

    $2 beers at St. Jerome's, and a decent chance of running into Lady Gaga.

    Delivery 24-hours a day, and delivery-men who expect a good tip but don't hate you after climbing six flights of stairs.

    Darryl Gaines' 'Transcendcycle Spinning Classes.

    Buttercup Bake Shop's red velvet cupcakes.

    Quirky apartment decor and art from Housing Works Thrift Shops.

    NY Post headlines and Daily News headlines.

    Pint-sized pups in couture doggy clothing.

    Comically preppy guys in polos and Ray-bans at JG Melon's

    $5 improv and sketch comedy shows at UCB Theater

    Free Brian Newman shows at The Oak Room at The Plaza