The Thanksgiving Calorie Counter!

by Rachelle Hruska · November 24, 2009

    Thanksgiving's here! It's time to get FAT! Whether this is your year to try your hand at creating the perfect "Turducken" (see left), or you are the type to get your fuel  in the form of eggnog and spike drinks, those little calories add up....FAST.



    Thankfully, our friendly neighborhood gym, has emailed us a tool today! This handy dandy Thanksgiving Calorie Calculator! The email read:

    First, I want to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving. Whether you are traveling or staying in New York, I hope you have a safe and restful holiday.

    I am attaching a link that is quite eye-opening: how many calories is your Thanksgiving meal? You may be surprised, delighted or...horrified!

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    There is no substitute for good health, it is what I am most thankful for.

    Let's see what this whole calculator's about. Here's what I chose for my Thanksgiving day meal:

    One mixed drink, One glass of wine, A cup of coffee with cream and sugar, A stalk of celery stuffed with cream cheese, Half a cup of mixed, raw veggies, Half a cup of mixed nuts, One ounce of potato or tortilla chips, One teaspoon of chip dip, Three cups salad with diet dressing, Six ounces of white and dark turkey, Half a cup of stuffing, Half a cup of mashed potatoes, Half a cup of gravy, Half a cup of green bean casserole, Half a cup of candied sweet potatoes, A dinner roll, A pat of butter, A slice of pumpkin pie, An open-face turkey sandwich with stuffing and gravy.

    Here's the verdict:

    That comes to 3075 calories. You will need to walk 30.75 miles, 49.59 kilometers, or 61500 steps, assuming you cover one mile in 2,000 steps.

    That's a lot of walking!  Go play around with your Thanksgiving Calories today!