Maria Sharapova

The big night is here. After spending the entire day primping, you finally feel ready to make an appearance at one of the biggest parties of the year. Your friend, who’s handling the transportation, texts you that she’s on her way. Cue the butterflies in your stomach. As you’re waiting at the door, her Ford Pinto rolls onto the street and she honks the horn, “Ready to go?” This must be a joke. Forget the grand entrance you hoped for, now you’ll be dead on arrival. If “My Super Sweet Sixteen” taught us anything, it’s that grand entrances can make or break your night. And as much as your personality and, quite frankly, your appearance makes a first impression, there’s even something before that: your ride. So if you pull up in a Ford Pinto, what does that say about you? Maybe that you spent way too much on your dress! So the same way you have fun – and make a statement with your outfit – go for it with your entrance as well. When they see you arrive, the world will stop and heads will turn!

According to transportation expert and Founder of *Luxor Limo, Shlomo Chkifati, “Thinking about a ride to an event is often a frantic ‘Eleventh Hour’ thought rather than an organized part of the event planning. We get so many last minute requests to be someone’s chariot to the ball!”

Chkifati says different rides definitely say different things about a person, so click through to find out more about what your ride can say about you.

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[Photo via @sfaizan007]