Relying upon us for your Thursday night plans? Well, look no further. This fall's hottest exhibit is dropping this week and you're invited to the opening party! 

The Lazy Susan Gallery is launching their newest exhibition "Acid Free" this Thursday October 26th at 6pm! This new outpost of edgy contemporary art is located at 191 Henry Street in rustic Chinatown and introduces an exciting 3-person group show that originates from the juxtaposition of art and craft. Shown for the first time, these pieces incorporate craft materials with tactile imagery and portray both intimate and distant relationships.

Details: Thursday, October 27th at 6pm
Lazy Susan Gallery, 191 Henry Street
Dress Code: Dress to be photographed

The shiny reflections and sheer, painted surfaces made by Sally Ko provoke nostalgia and déjà-vu while the vibrant, layered colors of sculptures compiled by ChristyBomb give way to The Mava's intricate, handmade pastels that float weightlessly in space. Surfaces alternate as each artwork reinterprets the use of traditional and craft materials.  Old relationships become new again with different roles and identities.

Presented by AS | Artists Studios

Click through for a closer look at "Acid Free"!