Eavesdropping In: Black Swan Scandal, Pole Dancing For Jesus

by Mara Siegler · March 28, 2011

    Those at risk of mental illness are likely to hurry the onset of schizophrenia by 2.7 years by smoking pot. [MillerMcCune]

    Libyan authorities beat and hauled Iman al-Obeidi away after she told a gathering of foreign reporters at a Tripoli hotel Saturday about a horrific rape by 15 of Gadhafi's vigilantes.  She has disappeared. [LAT]

    Scandal! Sarah Lane, a performer with the American Ballet Theatre, is saying she performed some 95% of the "full body shot" dances in the movie. She was warned by the producers not to talk about how much she danced. [ABCNews]

    In Texas there is a class called “Pole Fitness for Jesus." Every second Sunday of the month, female churchgoers file into a fitness studio and slither around poles to “upbeat contemporary Christian music,” says the owner. [FoxNews]

    Mayor Mike Bloomberg dressed up as Spider-Man for the Inner Circle comedy show. You have to see this picture of him hovering above the stage doing his best hero pose.  [NYP]