Eavesdropping In: Dating Tips From Obama, Sharks With Lasers Attached To Their Heads

by Courtney McGowan · May 3, 2012

    - Want to know how 22-year-old Barack Obama bagged the ladies? It involves Brut spray deodorant and an orange bean bag chair. [Gawker]

    - Ashton Kutcher is still pushing the whole 'I'm funny" thing. [NYD]

    - In what can only be described as horrifying, an innocent California college student was arrested after a house party raid, and left in a DEA holding cell for 5 days.  Officers reportedly forget about him, forcing the student to drink his own urine and attempt suicide. [HuffPost]

    - Want to know who has Googled you?  This website knows. [Mashable]

    - May is going to be the best month EVER, mainly due to the bear-less weather forecast. [Buzzfeed]

    - Not even Melissa Joan Hart's lazy eye can ruin a classic Britney Spears' video. [ThoughtCatalog]

    - Marine biologist Luke Tipple has attached fricken' laser beams to the heads of sharks off the coast of the Bahamas...for absolutely no reason. [Wired]